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Wheel part numbers

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I winter on the Gulf Coast on the peninsula, west of Port Charlotte and
Punta Gorda in Charlotte County, in an interesting development named
Rotonda (West, which is superfluous since the developers went bankrupt and
never built Rotonda East).  I spend summers in upstate NY on a little lake
just SW of Cooperstown, about 80 miles west of Albany, on the ridge west of
the East Branch of the Susquehanna River.  At an elevation of 1774' it is
one of the higher, if not the highest, body of water which is part of the
East branch of the Susquehanna rivershed.

Thank you for your advice Greg.

I have come to understand that the wheels are all of the same specification
and that Triumph, as with many other manufacturers, change part numbers for
even cosmetic differences.  I don't need a front yet, I'm concerned about
the rear.  I am now at the point of trying to decide which of the used Ebay
options is "true" enough to resolve my concern and improve my situation.  I
have considered having the wheel (or a replacement) straightened however it
looks like, in either case, buying a compatible used wheel would be more
cost effective than attempting to fix the one I've been using for eight
years without any problem.

Thanks for the input.

Tom P.
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Re: Wheel part numbers

Triumph Trophy mailing list
Hi Tom, Having a spare rim is a good thing. That gold Daytona rim on Ebay is one that will work. I've bought stuff from fastride 1 before. He's a good guy and knows our Trophys. Greg Andrews