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Too many extra parts

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I've been collecting Trophy parts for years. I had enough to build my Gray bike, a '98 Sprint Sport.
 Now I'm building another Frankenstein from dead parts.
 I'm thinking of a naked 1200 something, similar to a 1200 Thunderbird.

 I still have many parts a should start selling them.
 Fairings, triple clamps, fork tubes, instrument clusters, carbs. All kinds of stuff.
 Price wise in the neighborhood of 25-20% of new if the piece is really good looking.
 Less if it shows some wear.
 I'm in California so shipping to the UK is cost prohibitive. I'm whiling to trade.
 I'm currently looking for a headlight and instrument cluster arrangement for this new project.
 Either Thunderbird headlight, or the old Speed Triple with the round bug eyes.

 Greg Andrews
 '96 900 BRG
 107,000 smiles
 Apple Valley, CA
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Re: Too many extra parts

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I had a 92 trident and fitted an 8'' round chrome headlight off a Suzuki (I think it was a gs1000 with handlebar fairing ?)  

just needed a set of 1/2" spacers to shift the mounting points out wider at the fork end of the triangular headlight brackets and the other end was just a normal single bolt pivot through each side. don't recall what I did to fix its position in so far as horizontal aim was concerned - I think it had a slotted bracket on the back of the shell with a separate bit that bolted to something on the triple clamp - horn mount maybe ?

with the larger glass / surface area for improved cooling porpoises, I added a 100/65w h4 globe... I used to do a lot of night riding so the 100/65 was a good addition.

this was north of Sydney / Oz on 'the old Pacific Highway'