Sargent Metro Tank Panel for Sale

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Sargent Metro Tank Panel for Sale

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Sargent’s Metro Tank Panel System utilizes a panel which remains attached to the bike and multiple styles of tank bags which can be attached interchangeably to the panel with three snap fasteners.

 I never liked the Sargent tank bags very much, but the panel and its attachment systems are incredibly useful.

 The tank panel, made from a heavy-duty, black, mildew and UV-resistant vinyl, is paint- and bike-friendly. The panel itself is felt-lined, and is custom fit to the Trophy gas tank. It utilizes a hook that clips over the edge of the tank under the seat and a nylon harness that wraps around the frame in the front. It also features a handy utility pocket net for stashing sunglasses, garage door opener, or cell phone.


 The Micro Bag, a standard feature of all Metro tank panels, is a two-compartment bag which easily fastens to the bike during road travel, and then converts into a waist bag for foot travel. The top compartment has an easy open twist fastener while the lower compartment utilizes a zipper. It attaches to the panel with three snap fasteners.

 As I said, I never liked the Sargent tank bags, but it was a simple job to set snaps into the straps of the Eclipse and RKA tank bags I did like and snap them to the Sargent panel.  All my bags were interchangeable in seconds, and the panel, left in place at all times, really added to the looks of my Trophy.

 I no longer have the Trophy so the panel is of no use to me.  But if one of you would like to have this, send me $25 and I’ll ship you the panel and the micro bag with its carry strap.  If you’d like to see pictures first, let me know.