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David Webb
 Hi Derk,
Check steering head bearings also if there is a greater push on one side vs.. the other due to wind.
- Dave2002 Trophy 1200 Merlot Red
     On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 4:09:49 PM EDT, [hidden email] [TriumphTrophy] <[hidden email]> wrote:  

Thank,s for the replies . Sorted petcock handle , just ordered aluminium one from sprint manufacturing also purchased fender extender for the front,  hopefully this will keep the road dirt off the radiator and oil cooler.  The bike is going great  , this bike only needs three gears ,,,The remote  gear change on the input to the gear box is slack  , tried to tighten the pinch bolt  , just could'nt  looks like  some parts need removing before access  is granted , it will have to wait until I change the chain and sprockets .. 

On  the windscreen subject , my screen is about two inches to tall  I am looking through the screen whilst riding , day time not to bad but night time riding not good, seeing oncoming headlights through two bits of plastic is quite off putting. So in intend to band saw  a good 2" of the screen . 

Side winds is still a issue seems to be different depending on what side of the bike the wind hits , there was a issue with  fairing be out of aliment on the 2001 model , how can one tell if this is  issue with my bike ..Anyway enough writing, I am off for a bike ride. ...all the best Derk