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Other way round, I meant.
Lowest setting for bigger wheels; higher for smaller wheels.
Ken Hastie

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John Barrett, Harry Capper, fitted the new "clamp". I say, clamp but it isn't really. I've found it has less "clamping power" than the previous original fitment.

However, what I did find is it is very easy to ride or push the bike into the fitment where it gives sufficient holding to walk around and secure hold-down straps. It is equally easy to remove the bike and take off the bench, all single-handed.

A big plus point is the low cost, at £20 including carriage. Seems very well made and powder coated. I don't know how they do them for the price.

You can see I have the rotational bracket in the highest position which I think is right for the 19 inch bigger wheel. I haven't tried the Trophy in this yet but I'm sure it will be fine, in fact probably better with the wider tyre. In guessing the bracket will need to be lowered for the Trophy.

By the way, I rejoined the stupid club today when i couldn't fathom why the bench wouldn't fully lower. bar was still in place...
Ken Hastie
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