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Potentially for SaleI

Triumph Trophy mailing list
I have two bikes, a 1886  BMW R1100RS and a 1996 Triumph Trophy 900, they
are both 21 now and prefer to drink fuel without ethanol.

The Trophy 900 was my first cycle and although I fully appreciate its
capabilities I am pondering putting it up for sale to a good home., It is
in upstate New York, near Cooperstown.  It is British Racing Green however
the saddle bags are maroon (I still have one of the matching green one0s.
For a 1996 ride it has relatively low mileage, around 48,000 miles.  I
bought it with two wind screens (one taller and the other shorter), three
seats (original,gel, and a Corbin) so you should be able to find comfort

I am going to migrate the BMW up north from Florida because it told me it
prefers hills and banked curves rather than dodging the old farts.  It has
lived in Florida for it's whole life.  It is tired of dodging distracted
and inept four wheelers in those boxy things. You just never know when
someone might experience a stroke or heart attack, much less chronic
stupidity and oblivion.

I'll post pics in another message however if you know anything about the
Trophy models you know what they look like.  I will consider offers over
$2,000, if you are interested.  It is a great bike with  a steep learning

Tom Pritchard
'96 BRG, BBB
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Re: Potentially for SaleI

Triumph Trophy mailing list
They are both 1996 models.