Just reached 180,000 km

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Just reached 180,000 km

Hi everyone

Just would like to share how fantastic these T300 Trophy's are. My '98 1200 Trophy just clicked over 180,000 km yesterday.

Still going strong, no engine noise(apart from the normal diesel noise lol)  no excessive oil usage. Pulls strongly in all gears

I have replaced a few things over time, these include:
- New Nology coils
- New fuel tap
- New fuel cap (both seemed to solve the 1/4 fuel tank fuel starvation issue)
- Front brake discs
- Rebuilt clutch master cylinder
- Replaced water pump
- Air box mod done so I clean the air filter element every 20,000km and re-oil

Other than the above, just the normal full synthetic oil change every 10,000 km (with oil filter) spark plugs , tyres, brake pads as per maintenance schedule

I am hoping that it will turn over 300,000 kms - maybe then I will look for a replacement