Instrument Panel/Speedo/Tach LED Upgrade

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Instrument Panel/Speedo/Tach LED Upgrade

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I just replaced my turn signal indicators and speed and tach with LEDs a couple of days ago and thought I’d share….


4    WLED-B5: Blue    3.49
3    74-GHP3: Green    2.49
SubTotal:    $21.43
Shipping:    $2.99
TOTAL:    $24.42

My speed and tach took 4 of the WLED-B5 bulbs, but I read somewhere that some models may use three, plus one #74. Check to see what you have before ordering. I chose the blue for the speedo and tach and like the look. There are several other color options.

I was worried at first that the fatter bulbs wouldn’t fit through the holes, but they just barely do if you go in at an angle and with a little bit of coaxing.

Holy cow does the LED make a difference for the turn signals. With this upgrade, if your instrument panel is within your peripheral vision, you’ll definitely know if your signal is still on.  If you haven’t done this you certainly should!

The 74-GHP3s have a different looking base than the traditional bulb, but they fit right in, and these were the brightest choice. This is definitely a safety upgrade.

Finally, some recommend pulling the bulbs from the top (use vacuum hose), but the advise to pull the rubber mounts and old bulbs through the rear of the housing is, in my opinion, the easier option. I smeared a tad of dielectric grease on the rubbers after replacing the bulbs and they went back in super easily.

If you haven't already done this, it's an easy (30 minute) upgrade that’s well worth the effort.