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Good morning,

This weeks message will not  cover my activities of the week, but instead
will take a moment to reflect  on the loss of a friend.

Anyone in the  motorcycle world knew John Parham for at least one reason if
not many. He  began J&P Cycles from a home garage and used  his passion for
the industry along with his marketing brilliance to create a  brand known
and loved by many. To say he was soft spoken, yet driven would  be an
understatement and I always got the notion that despite his few spoken  words, his
mind was going full-tilt every second of the day. A wry smile  illustrated
his pleasure with a thought or idea but seldom did he display  much more than
that in the decades of knowing him. Not only did he prove his  business
acumen in the motorcycle universe, his skills as a collector had  few
competitors. The array of machines and related memorabilia located at  The National
Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA is  well worth the time for the trek.

We lost John this past  week after his long struggle with pulmonary
fibrosis, and after a lung  transplant in 2010 we got to enjoy his company for an
addition 7  years.

John will be missed by  all who knew him and I am not alone is wishing his
Wife Jill his son Zack  and all of the Parham crew the best of wishes.

The image seen today  was captured on the grounds of the J&P Cycles complex
many years ago and  appears to share my sentiment felt by his passing...

Keep the shiny side up  my friend...

Doug Mitchel
Pictures and  Words
Palatine, IL
[hidden email]