2 x 2002 BBBB for sale, maybe!

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2 x 2002 BBBB for sale, maybe!

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  Having owned 3 x BBBB over the last 18 years, and now, finally accepting my knees are shot to pieces, and the Sciatica is here to stay, (but not because of riding the Trophies!), the time has come to let them go to someone who will use them. Meanwhile I am stuck with the Rocket Touring and an ST1300 Pan European, both of which I can ride pain free, for some reason!!!!
   I have juggled about with footrest extensions etc, but I just cannot get comfortable enough to ride either of the BBBB's happily nowadays.

  Both 2002, both azure blue (although slightly different shades, oddly). Both have 3 boxes, all Triumph.

 The better one, about 17000 miles, clearview, 6 pot tokico's, heated grips, scott touring oiler, genuine Triumph gel touring seat. tyres ok. Not concours but nice. I have had this one about 18 months - £2500

  The other, 32000 miles, pretty much std, apart from a LOW screen, a headlight modulator, heated grips, temp gauge ,(not working now for some reason), tyres very good, again not perfect but very good condition. I have had this one since it was a year old.

 They are both due MOT over the summer, so will come with a years ticket on them, paid for by me, of course upon sale.

 I have some spares, like a brand new rear shock, each, (not fitted, and they dont need them yet), and a box of other bits, oil filters and just spare bits i have saved over the years, which i will share out between them.

  Would like them to go to loving homes, else its ebay!

 I am based in Worcs (UK), but work on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, and can show them at either location, or between, with notice. Actually one is in Reading, Berks right now if that helps

  Let me know if there is any interest, please.